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Laurence Crane

Come back to the old specimen cabinet John Vigani, John Vigani

Performed at the ICA, May 2009 by Mark Knoop, Tom Pauwels, Matthew Shlomowitz, Vicky Wright, Laurence Crane, Joanna Bailie on auxiliary instruments, with Alexander Waterman solo cello.

Miry Concert Hall Ghent

8:00pm Thursday 27 February 2020
Miry Concert Hall
Biezekapelstraat 9
9000 Ghent

Cassandra Miller • Traveller Song
Davíð Brynjar Franzson • Ideation #2.1
Newton Armstrong • the way to go out
Laurence Crane • Octet

Reid School of Music 2

Tuesday 25 February 2020
Reid Concert Hall
Edinburgh College of Art

Cassandra Miller • Traveller Song
Davíð Brynjar Franzson • Ideation #2.1
Newton Armstrong • thread—surface
Laurence Crane • Octet

Surrey University

1:00pm Wednesday 9 October 2019
Studio One
University of Surrey

Kristine Tjøgersen • We should get to know each other
Louis d’Heudieres • Laughter Studies 1
Joanna Bailie • Roll Call
Laurence Crane • Riis

Klang Festival

8:00pm Monday 29 May 2017
Blågårdsplads 6A

Simon Steen Andersen • Mono
Morten Ladehoff • Introduktion und Motoren
Joanna Bailie • Artificial Environments Nos.1-5
Laurence Crane • Octet
Cassandra Miller • Traveller Song

Laurence Crane 50th Birthday Portrait Concert

8:00pm Monday 21 February 2011
Kings Place
90 York Way

Plus Minus celebrates the 50th birthday of Laurence Crane with a concert of recent works featuring guest performer, soprano Juliet Fraser. This event will be recorded for future broadcast by BBC Radio 3.

Laurence Crane • Come back to the old specimen cabinet John Vigani, John Vigani part 3
Laurence Crane • Piano Piece no.23
Laurence Crane • Weirdi
Laurence Crane • Octet

Durham University lunchtime concert

1:10pm Thursday 11 March 2010
Durham University

Mariam Rezaei • P.M. [wp]
Peter Ablinger • Voices and Piano
Laurence Crane • Riis
Iannis Xenakis • Evryali
Damien Ricketson • Same Steps

Talk Show at the ICA

Tuesday 26 to Sunday 31 May 2009
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall, London

As part of the ICA’s Talk Show season, Plus-Minus will spend a week in residence. The ensemble will rehearse in the public galleries, presenting a short concert at the end of each day. The week will culminate in a full-length concert on Sunday 31 May. Repertoire will include:

György Ligeti • Atmosphères (arranged)
Tim Parkinson • Quartet
James Saunders • divisions that could be autonomous but that comprise the whole
Matthew Shlomowitz • Letter Piece #5, Northern Cities
Joanna Bailie • On and Off 2
Tom Johnson • Trio
Laurence Crane • Come back to the old specimen Cabinet John Vigani, John Vigani

Talk Show at the ICA
Benedict Johnson

BMIC Cutting Edge 2008

7:30pm Thursday 23 October 2008
BMIC Cutting Edge Series
The Warehouse, London

Peter Ablinger • Agnes Gonxha Bojaxiu, Mao Tse-Tung from Voices and Piano
Matthew Shlomowitz • Fast Medium Swing [wp]
Peter Ablinger • Instrumente und Rauschen
Peter Ablinger • Bertolt Brecht, Lech Walesa, Hanna Schygulla from Voices and Piano
Markus Trunk • Raw Rows
Peter Ablinger • Akkordeon und Rauschen
Laurence Crane • Octet [wp]

BMIC Cutting Edge 2008
Nick Rutter

Borealis Festival

9:00pm Friday 16 March 2007
Borealis Festival
Bergen, Norway

Bryn Harrison • Rise
Joanna Bailie • Double
Trond Reinholdtsen • Music as Emotion


Tim Parkinson • Two Cardboard Boxes
Laurence Crane • Sparling
Laurence Crane • Cello Piece for Michael Parsons
Richard Barrett • Lost
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition #4
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition #7

Rational Rec – Artquest 5th Birthday

Tuesday 5 December 2006
Rational Rec
Artquest 5th birthday celebration
The Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
44 Pollard Row
London E2 6NB, UK

Laurence Crane • Cello Piece for Michael Parsons
Robert Ashley/Alex Waterman • In Memorium Esteban Gomez
Christopher Fox • Generic Composition #7
Matthew Shlomowitz • Slow Flipping Harmony
John Cage • Five


Muziek in de Maak II: festival for young experimental musik makers

Thursday 30 March 2006
Logos Tetrahedron
Gent, Belgium

James Saunders • #300306-1
Gabriel Erkoreka • Dos Zortzikos
Laurence Crane • Sparling
Tim Parkinson • Two Cardboard Boxes
Joanna Bailie • under-writing [wp]
David Helbich • Hallo
James Saunders • #300306-2